Service Description

Google accepts these 15 standard banner sizes (YOU WILL CHOSE 10 SIZE):

Vertical rectangle: 240 x 400 
Mobile leaderboard: 320 x 50 
Banner: 468 x 60 
Leaderboard: 728 x 90 
Square: 250 x 250 
Small square: 200 x 200 
Large rectangle: 336 x 280 
Inline rectangle: 300 x 250 
Skyscraper: 120 x 600 
Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600 
Half-page: 300 x 600 
Large leaderboard: 970×90 
Large mobile banner: 320 x 100 
Billboard: 970 x 250 
Portrait: 300 x 1050

We have created a special package exclusively for people who wants to use Google Adwords. Now you can get the highest quality, creative and revenue generating Banners designed at a pocket friendly price. This is a perfect chance for you to Save Big!

We are well aware of the technical requirements of Google Adwords and the need to follow them when designing AdWords banners, and it is always our goal to follow all the strict technical requirements. It is critical that you get AdWord banners that Google will not reject for any technical reasons, we are happy to help you achieve that. In case Google rejects the banner for technical reasons, which are next to impossible, we will offer unlimited revisions until Google approves, at no additional cost. Isn’t that great offer?

This special package includes impactful, visually appealing, eye catchy, killer website banners of different sizes that will help you maximize sales, drive high profits and increase click through rate significantly.

We made it easier for you to place an order, by setting an exclusive banner design package “Google AdWords Banner Pack” that has all the sizes and formats. This package is especially useful for clients who intend to use Google AdWords are their primary advertising medium. Each one of these banners are compatible and optimised for AdWords. So, go ahead and place your AdWords banner design order here. With the combination of our unique, cutting edge designs and fresh ideas, we create and deliver you amazing designs that will boost your Adwords Campaign, make you stand out of the competition, increase your web traffic and rapidly augment your sales.

We will deliver your banners in Static JPEG or PNG format.

Are you still contemplating? Place an order today, and you are on the way to increasing the number of customers clicking through to your website.

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